An Update + More

What do we have here? A post on Look Through My Lens over 2 years after it went silent?! Yes, that is exactly what we have. A little backstory for you all:

4 Millennial Stereotypes Decoded

Millennials face constant stereotyping, with it mostly negative. Every time I blink a new article about millennial stereotypes pops up in my feed. I decided to find the most common stereotypes and decode them to be more like reality.

Artist Spotlight: Everywhere

Everywhere is an Alt Rock group from the UK that recently released their second EP Fiction Act, which I had the opportunity to listen to.

How To Give Back Without Money

Today is Giving Tuesday, the day where many give monetary donations to a wide variety of non-profit organizations. However, I find it difficult to financial manage giving back this year, and many others probably do as well. But there are other ways to give back that are not specifically money.

How To Be A Human Being Review

Last time I wrote about Glass Animals, it was an artist spotlight when I first found them. Since then they released a new album entitled How To Be A Human Being that I wanted to review.

How To Be An Effective Failure

People don’t like to talk about failure. No one likes to admit they failed. Looking into some of the things I’ve done and tried to do made me realized that I have failed a lot without really realizing or admitting it to myself, let alone others. To be fair, I think I’ve used these failures…

How To Cope With Mental Illness

For Mental Illness Awareness Week, I’ve been posting on Twitter different resources for learning about mental illness and getting a diagnosis, but I have yet to talk about how to cope if you have an actual illness.